Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've got so much trouble on my mind...refuse to lose!

The state of Black business has really got my head aching.

Obviously it's hard out here for non-Black businesses too or Lil' G (Pres. Bush to some) wouldn't be handing out cash hoping people don't spend it on necessary things, but go blow it on flat screens. Can you smell that? That's the smell of money burning holes in pockets across America!

But how many of the people will go spend that money in a BOB (Black owned business)? We've GOT to do better. We have to be much more concious about WHO we spend our money with and WHAT we spend it on.

This year, I upped my Blackness game. I'm banning non-Black designer bags from my wardrobe. Lemme tell you, I rocked Coach, LV and Gucci HARD for YEARS. I still have my first coach from 1984 and my first Gucci tote from 1988. If it ain't Tracy Reese or Alek Wek or some other fly sista', I can't do it. (Note: I can't afford any of these yet so I am going purseless for a while. I carry my stuff in a generic tote and take what I need into the store). I gave up white designers years ago. Since becoming a Muslim, most of my suits are custom made by my Black seamstress. I'm bringing my A game to this one.

I give books as gifts to nephews, nieces and my godson. I've always given them books about Blacks or with Black main characters, but I'm now going for Black authors only for the yungins to teach them a lesson in support. The rest they can borrow from the library. These are things that may seem small to some, but for me I need to make everything about me a statement of support for Blacks and thier busiensses.

It's vital to me as a Black business owner to lead the way on all fronts.

I already shared, a few posts back, how I shop at the African Caribbean Market first, the Halal market second and the big grocery store DEAD LAST for food.

We can't go out like this. Just this week I've read about 2 Black record stores in Harlem and a Black book chain in the northeast going out. Here is Big City Wanna Be, the largest Black owned mortgage company just merged with a white company and now is majorly owned by whites.

Just $5-$10 each week in a BOB is great and easy start. Most communities have a Black business directory. Ask around.


Smell Goods '98™ said...

I applaud you for taking this stand! I became pro "black" businesses many years ago. I myself am one. Once I saw the negative attitudes from my own people, I realized this is why the "black" merchants have such a difficult time. That is when I made the decision to stick by my professional "black" business owners. I can related to the comment you left on AFAMUN board, in reference to your friend. Isn't that a trip! People in your own surroundings, who see you on a weekly/daily basis, can't even muster up the sense to support you. I was apart of a moms group at one time, it was suppose to be a support group. At the time the president of the group hardly acknowledge my business. I could see that the majority of the moms did not care either. Maybe I was too "successful" for them. No more successful than anyone doing what they love. Anyways, the president is no longer, and I am no longer a member. She has made several orders, and is amazed at the quality and my gift at what I do. All praises to The Most High! Because I am like, "This is what I was trying to share with you all along. My products are wonderful!"

Too long of a comment, huh?

Sister P said...

Feel free to blog on my blog anytime sis! :o) Thanks for stopping by and don't be a stranger!

African girl, American world said...

they merged? wow. It's BET all over again. LOL
I'm all about my people but I have heard so many complaints about unprofessionalism (did I make up a word?) about us. Store not being open when they say, shitty service. We gots to do better is we want people to come to us.
Happy Monday!

Brother OMi said...

what we do is we learned to balance our spending.

if we spend $10 in walmart, we have to spend $10 in a BOB. at times it doesn't work out with exact math but we do support BOB. now we just have to find more in Dayton.

unfortunately with our lifestyle as vegetarians its difficult to support BOB food stores and our tastes in music as well.

btw my wife's biz is

Sister P said...

@Mwabi- We have to give up that shitty service, poor quality excuse. Because this is what I KNOW FO' SHO'--every person who is 21 or
older has returned an item to a major grocery or department store because of quality. But I know you take your Black azz back again and again. I know everyone has had a silly azz white teenager acting up on the register too, but you go back. Black folks make a mistake and we give up on them. We have to stop it. Now opening on time, yes we do have to do better but I make it a point to always call first :-)

@Omi- There are absolutely things we can't buy because of our diet. We can't eat at BBQ joints or most soul food places because everything has pork in it (even veggies in KY have the swine :-). But I'd encourage you to think hard about EVERYTHING you buy. Today I went to the Black Christian book store to buy thank you and birthday cards. I didn't particularly like that they only had them with scripture but I'll just send them to Christians. I can't do dollar for dollar white to Black because of the business variety. But a good effort is a good look in my book.

Brother OMi said...

oh, we do. we do consider everything we buy. i worked for a BOB for almost 9 years and i was offered more money and more flexibility by several businesses in that particular field but i refused. I helped make that business grow exponentially and I am proud of that. my boss gave me the freedom to place positive input into the business. we also promoted other BOB's in the wedding industry. PLUS we were considered the highest quality when it came to our work. i loved that the most.
working there taught me that I should check everything first. I have helped to build and support some veggie places owned by black folks. it was fun and their quality was correct.

you are so right about the big chain stores. we always go back no matter how bad we are treated.