Monday, December 17, 2007

Two of my favorite counting books

My daughter is starting to read her numbers now and it is so much fun watching her mind work. Now that she knows what the second number should be like 23 (say "twenty three") and 35 (say "thirty five") she reads her teens like this: 13 (says "three teen") and 15 (says "five teen"). It was so cute when she did it, it made me know that she could really read and reason. We're working out the kinks but she is really comprehending which gives me inspiration that I can really do this home-school thing.

My favorite counting books so far are:
Feast for 10

The story chronicles a trip to the grocery store and preparation of a family feast. Of course I love the Black family as subjects, but I really like the verses like "six bunches of greens".

Chicka Chicka 1-2-3

I love rhyming books for this stage of learning and the book goes all the way to 100 and counts by 10's. It teaches a lot and there are no talking animals to confuse the children either.


summer said...

hi, thanks for stopping by my spot!

and thank you for the counting book ideas. i will definitely be checking both of these out soon.

Brother OMi said...

that feast for 10 is so so fly...

we rock that hard in the Omi household

i will be posting some children's book reviews soon
stand by

Bridgette Alyce said...

Kudos to you for going the homeschooling route! Your daughter is blessed to have conscientious parents who care so much about the quality of her learning experience. She can't lose with the stuff you use!

Sister P said...

@Summer-I'm glad I found your spot, I enjoy your realness.

@Omi-I'm looking forward to your children's book reviews, I'm sure they'll be good.

@Bridgette Alyce-Thanks for the props for homeschooling. I'm going to do a post on how we made the decision and how we make it work.

Mel said...

Feast for 10 is a fabulous book. I don't own it right now, but I plan to have it in my classroom library when fall '08 rolls around