Thursday, December 20, 2007

Tom Joyner giving away money for college

Tom Joyner is the REAL DEAL. I had a chance to do a press meet and greet with him when he was the keynote speaker for the inauguration of Kentucky State's President Dr. Mary Evans Sias. He didn't meet with us long because he wanted to study and get the pronunciation for all of the names he had to say that evening. Then he came out and skipped dinner so he could go to each table to greet and take photos with guests. He was so real and humble! This scholarship is an inspiration to make me work harder so that one day my company can do something like this.

I HIGHLY recommend HBCU's for Black students. To have the opportunity to learn and grow without the yoke of prejudice and low expectations is a blessing. I attended Central State in Wilberforce Ohio and met my husband there. It made a big difference for me and many people I know. My husband left Mankato State in MN and just showed up on campus at CSU, no application, no testing, nothing. They worked with him to get his paperwork in order and he remained there and graduated. Now I'm not saying to try that, but that's how serious HBCU's are about educating everyone who WANTS an education.

The Tom Joyner Full Ride Scholarship

This will be given away to a high school senior that is planning to enroll in an HBCU in the fall of 2008.

Full ride includes: full tuition waivers and stipends to cover room and board and books for up to ten semesters.

Details, applications and standards here. Hurry, deadline is January 18th!

Post Scrip: My husband clarified his admission process. His HS football coach told him about CSU after he decided he didn't want to return to Mankato. He called CSU admissions and they had him send his transcript from Mankato and then they called and told him to come and they registered him for class. To me, it's the same great story. No hassle, just come on!


The Breaking Point said...

HBCU graduate here, and a staunch supporter of ALL HBCUs.

I appreciate and applaud what Joyner is doing. I wish there were more like him.

Lovebabz said...

I too am a HBCU grad as is my Sister. I am a supporter of anyone who supports these fine institutions. There are many folks who do--Oprah, the Cosby's Denzel and Pauletta, Halle Berry, Steven Speilberg and many others. You just never hear about it publicly--they all just quietly do the work of keeping schools open. Tom Joyner is amazing and his commitment is inspiring. Thanks for posting this and I hope you and yours have a Happy and Healthy Holiday!

African girl, American world said...

LOL, he HAD to correct you right? Gotta love husbands....

Sister P said...

OK, I forgot to mention that this was not for homeschool students. It's a trip but what can you do?