Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get off The D!!!

Here we go...more Detroit bashing.

Most dangerous is like sexiest, prettiest, richest...it's all relative. The danger in all of this is that it doesn't allow Detroit to grow and regroup.

Last year, or the year before, Auntie O outted Detroit as the poorest city. Well, she didn't do the survey but having on her show put it WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out there.

I still love my hometown. The good and the bad. I will forever be her #1 Ambassador.


Philly's Andrea said...

I always wanted to move to Detroit or Atlanta, don't know what but something about it draws my attantion.

Sister P said...

@ Andrea: You're attracted to all those beautiful Black people! A lot of people in Atlanta moved from Detroit. It's "under construction" right now, but Detroit will be back and booming one day soon!!
Thanks for stopping by, come again soon!