Monday, May 21, 2007

Those misleading ads...........

Did it slip under your radar like mine that the popular "Milk your diet" ads are being PULLED?

When I heard it I decided to do some more research. I found that a doctors group requested that they pull the ads in 2005. However, it took this long for the milk organizations to take action. They claim it's not because of being misleading but because they have just decided to go in a different direction. Instead of promoting "weight loss" they are now promoting "healthy diet". Sound's like crap to me!!! They spent MILLIONS on these ads. Think of all the celebs, Muhammad and Laila Ali, Serena Williams, Dr. the cost of print ads in national magazines and billboards.

I think almost every ad needs to have a disclaimer on it like those for Viagara and other drugs. All of TV is becoming one be advertisement. Like Pepsi and Dasani water being strategically placed in TV shows. That's how smoking became popular, by having movie and TV stars lighting up on camera. I guess that's why I prefer to read my news and listen to radio (XM of course). Even magazines have become difficult to read. Once I started reading an article in Essence and midway through, it started to sound very trite and then I looked at the top of the page and saw the words, "THIS IS AN ADVERTISEMENT". Maybe they should just put that disclaimer over the title of each magazine. And make all commercials say at the end "The previous ad was an attempt to sell you ______. The claims made may be misleading and sometimes false. Further research should be done before purchasing anything seen in a commercial."

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